Recently my Mom announced that she was going to go to the US for a visit and that a Pet Nanny was coming to stay with me.  As I'm older now and traveling is definitely not my thing, I was okay with staying home but a Pet Nanny?  Really?  I was not sure about this until I actually met Miss Celina.

We had a wonderful time while my Mom was away.  Miss Celina knew exactly what my routine was and that I have special needs since I am diabetic.  She was fun and we had a great time hanging out, going for walks and watching TV (well I was most likely snoozing).  Don't tell my Mom but she gives a LOT more belly rubs and I liked it!  I had a wonderful week with my new friend, Miss Celina.  

If your parents are going away, tell them to get Pet Nanny Cabo to stay with you.  You won't regret it and neither will they!  Contact Miss Celina at or on Facebook at Pet Nanny Cabo.

My name is Bailey and I approve of this message!


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