Katoomba was a very good friend of mine in Las Vegas.  He lived with his Mom, Miss Bonnie, and several other dogs as well as a turtle.  He was a really cool dog who had a long career as a service dog.  When my parents had to go out of town, I got to sleep over at Katoomba's house and play with him and Kimba.  Katoomba was blind when we first met and he taught me a lot of useful skills that I use everyday now that I am blind.  I also learned that I really enjoy playing with stuffed squeaky toys (AKA "babies") as the K's were very generous and would let me play with their babies whenever I would visit.  I am sad that Katoomba has moved on to Doggy Heaven but I know he can see everything now and run very fast.  I will miss you Katoomba,  Love Bailey Boy.



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