As it relates to doggie hygiene, I am not really a fan of baths or other grooming activities.  I know that I am a Lab and that I am supposed to love the water, blah,blah,blah.  Believe me I hear this from my Mom and Dad all the time!  The worst of it all is the dreaded nail clipping.  I used to HATE this more than I can describe until I met Mr. Daniel at Pelu Dogs Estetica Canina.  All of my doggie amigos will be happy to hear that Mr. Daniel really gets us!  He is gentle and kind and I don't mind if he holds my paws to clip my nails.  

Tell your Moms to take you to Pelu Dogs for all of your grooming needs.  He is located on Av. Lazaro Cardenas (Main Drag) across from the Hotel Villa la Paloma and Coromuel.  He is open M-Sa from 9A-6P.  Give him a call at 624-136-8301.  You can also check him out on Facebook at PeluDogs Estetica Canina.

They sell "Woofs - special treats, special dogs" at Pelu Dogs so maybe if you're good...I'm just saying.

My name is Bailey and I approve of this message.



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