Are you flying to Vancouver or Michigan in the next 7-10 days?  If so, I know three adorable Lab mix puppies that would like to accompany you to their forever homes!  These adorable pups have people in Vancouver and Michigan (Detroit area) that would like to adopt them and give them a forever home.  All they need is a companion on a plane.  How hard can it be?  If they don't make it on a plane in the next week or so they will be too large to fit in an under seat carrier.  These three are the last of nine rescued puppies to get to their forever homes and we need your help to make their dreams come true.

Please contact or call 624-132-0577, 624-358-1360, for more information.  I know someone out there can make this happen!

My name is Bailey and I approve this message.
Hello Everyone!  Now that the Holidays of 2012 are behind us, I can relax and enjoy my Christmas presents from Mom and Dad.  As you can see I am sporting a snazzy new necklace that totally says casual beach style and I'm loving my really cool Santa baby.  Now I know you're wondering where did they get this kind of cool stuff in Cabo right?  Well it's really quite friend Roy's Mom has an awesome on-line dog boutique.  You really should get your Moms and Dads to check it out at  It's so easy for them to use and you will love your presents as much as I do!  
My name is Bailey and I approve of this message.  Happy New Year Cabo Dog Style!

Katoomba was a very good friend of mine in Las Vegas.  He lived with his Mom, Miss Bonnie, and several other dogs as well as a turtle.  He was a really cool dog who had a long career as a service dog.  When my parents had to go out of town, I got to sleep over at Katoomba's house and play with him and Kimba.  Katoomba was blind when we first met and he taught me a lot of useful skills that I use everyday now that I am blind.  I also learned that I really enjoy playing with stuffed squeaky toys (AKA "babies") as the K's were very generous and would let me play with their babies whenever I would visit.  I am sad that Katoomba has moved on to Doggy Heaven but I know he can see everything now and run very fast.  I will miss you Katoomba,  Love Bailey Boy.

Hi Everyone,

Lately I've noticed that every time my Mom turns on the TV or radio the folks are all talking about the "physical cliff".  I understand their concern but take it from me, this problem can be easily overcome.  As you know, I have diabetes and my eyesight is not very good anymore.  So, every day when I go on my morning walk, I rely on my Mom to keep me from falling off the physical cliffs!  Our walking path is a dirt road and the rains from the hurricane season left it with all kinds of ruts and gullies.  My Mom is my seeing eye person and helps prevent me from falling off the edges.  She does an awesome job and I still get to go for walks!

I wondered why the President and people in Congress couldn't have seeing eye people to help them avoid their physical cliff so I asked my Mom.  She said that she was pretty sure these folks weren't blind so they didn't require this type of assistance.  Well OK but then I thought why are they still afraid of this physical cliff so I asked Mom.  She said they may not be blind but they are definitely deaf and acting very dumb.  

I hope they get seeing eye people very soon!  My name is Bailey and I approve of this message.
Introducing the newest flavor at Woofs - special treats, special dogs:
Curds & Whey  with Whey by Whitt's End Rancho, Los Cabos, BCS
Happy Thanksgiving!  Bailey here, and I'm so happy to introduce our newest flavor.  I have been actively involved in the taste testing and quality control of the new flavor and it is awesome!  It has yummy ingredients like applesauce and oats and also features whey from my goat friends over at Whitt's End Rancho.  My Mom says whey has a lot of nutritional value but all I know is that it makes great cookies!  Mom will have bags of the new cookies available this Saturday, November 24th, at the San Jose Mercado Organico so make sure your people get there early as supplies are limited.

My name is Bailey and I approve of this message.

My Mom's friend, Miss Johanna, made our new marketing tool and not only is it beautiful, it's green!  I told Mom that in fact, it is not green but rather black, white and red, and that's when she filled me in on "eco-friendly" advertising.   Now you won't miss us when you visit the San Jose Mercado Organico on Saturdays!  We look forward to seeing you soon.

P.S.  Stay tuned for a BIG announcement regarding my new flavor of Woofs - special treats, special dogs. Coming Thanksgiving Day (also known as Thursday in Mexico) for all my doggy friends and only available at San Jose Mercado Organico. You're gonna love them. 

My name is Bailey and I approve of this message!

Recently my Mom announced that she was going to go to the US for a visit and that a Pet Nanny was coming to stay with me.  As I'm older now and traveling is definitely not my thing, I was okay with staying home but a Pet Nanny?  Really?  I was not sure about this until I actually met Miss Celina.

We had a wonderful time while my Mom was away.  Miss Celina knew exactly what my routine was and that I have special needs since I am diabetic.  She was fun and we had a great time hanging out, going for walks and watching TV (well I was most likely snoozing).  Don't tell my Mom but she gives a LOT more belly rubs and I liked it!  I had a wonderful week with my new friend, Miss Celina.  

If your parents are going away, tell them to get Pet Nanny Cabo to stay with you.  You won't regret it and neither will they!  Contact Miss Celina at or on Facebook at Pet Nanny Cabo.

My name is Bailey and I approve of this message!
Hello Everyone!

With all due respect to my Dad, I am and always will be a Mama's boy.  After all, she does make the Woofs cookies for me among other things.  There are some exciting things happening for us at Woofs, including a new cookie flavor that will be coming soon.  As I am in charge of quality control for all Woofs products, I can personally vouch for its yumminess.  It's a lot of work tasting every batch of cookies as Mom makes them, but somebody has to do it, right?

Stayed tuned for the big announcement...

My Name is Bailey and I approve of this message!

Hi Everyone, Bailey here. I just wanted to share this picture of my family with you.  My brother Travis and his beautiful fiancee, LesleyAnn, came to visit me, my Mom and Dad.  We all had a lot of fun!  

I guess everyone in the US and CAN are starting to see the changing of the seasons while those of us in Cabo are looking forward to the end of summer and some cooler weather.  I snooze so much better in the cooler months.

Stay cool everyone and don't forget to cast your vote in the upcoming US election (my Mom made me say that).

Hey Everyone,

Please help me and my Mom assist the Los Cabos Humane Society with their missions of spay/neuter and adoption.  If you use her vacation grocery delivery service from now until October 1, 2012, she will donate $5 USD from every order to LCHS.  Just go to the website,, and check it out.  That will buy a lot of kibbles.  I'm going to ask her to take some Woofs cookies too as every dog deserves a delicious healthy treat!  

My name is Bailey and I approve of this message!