Hi Everyone,

Lately I've noticed that every time my Mom turns on the TV or radio the folks are all talking about the "physical cliff".  I understand their concern but take it from me, this problem can be easily overcome.  As you know, I have diabetes and my eyesight is not very good anymore.  So, every day when I go on my morning walk, I rely on my Mom to keep me from falling off the physical cliffs!  Our walking path is a dirt road and the rains from the hurricane season left it with all kinds of ruts and gullies.  My Mom is my seeing eye person and helps prevent me from falling off the edges.  She does an awesome job and I still get to go for walks!

I wondered why the President and people in Congress couldn't have seeing eye people to help them avoid their physical cliff so I asked my Mom.  She said that she was pretty sure these folks weren't blind so they didn't require this type of assistance.  Well OK but then I thought why are they still afraid of this physical cliff so I asked Mom.  She said they may not be blind but they are definitely deaf and acting very dumb.  

I hope they get seeing eye people very soon!  My name is Bailey and I approve of this message.